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Bulk Potable Drinking Water Delivered - Tweed, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich

Services - Water Delivery for Movie Sets & Photo Shoots

  1. We provide 2 x 12,000L potable, crystal clear drinking quality water trucks .
  2. We are available 24/7 for night shoots or shoots outside of business hours.
  3. Our water trucks can film from council fire hydrants or from other potable water sources such as water tanks you may have at the film site.
  4. Our water trucks are fitted with a variety of cannons capable of shooting up to 40m distance with variable mist control to produce rain or sleet for wide-angle camera shots.
  5. Water can be coloured or tinted if required for artistic looks or to resemble different liquids.
  6. Our team of friendly water truck delivery drivers are available to work rosters around the clock for long shoots to ensure you get your production done within budget and within time.
  7. Where water needs to be removed after site, our partner company, Lee’s Liquid Waste Services, can remove liquids from the site.  Lee’s Liquid Waste Services is also able to provide pump-outs for all portable toilets and other sewerage and greywater disposal requirements.

Films and photo shoots are often in need of clean potable drinking water for a variety of purposes such as:

Our company can assist your company/project  in the following ways:

Liquid Gold Carriers  can provide bulk potable water delivery for storage in water tanks or other receptacles at site for catering and/or other requirements.  

All water provided by Liquid Gold Carriers is delivered by our food-grade hygienic water trucks safe for drinking, swimming, rain simulation and all other uses.  

Call us today to assist you achieve the look you’re wanting to achieve for your photo or film project.

Liquid Gold Carriers provides the most professional and helpful staff in the water carrier industry to make your water film or water photo shoot as trouble free as possible.

Please note, although we guarantee our trucks are free from contaminants, please note that in rare cases, the water we collect from the Council Fire Hydrants may not be of a pure quality. 

In such cases, we do not accept liability for damages resulting from us delivering water supplied to us by the Local Council in an impure condition.

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Liquid Gold Carriers bulk potable drinking water for drinking, tanks, swimming pools, construction, spraying or any other application you may require.