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Bulk Potable Drinking Water Delivered - Tweed, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich

Services - Potable Crystal Clear Drinking Water Delivery

Running short on water in your water tank?  Liquid Gold Carriers provides crystal clear drinking water direct from the council fire hydrants to your water tank or other water receptacle.  When water runs short, it usually means you need water ASAP.  Liquid Gold Carriers guarantees to provide you water 24/7 and within 2 hours for emergencies.  

The quality of our water is identical to the drinking water  you receive when you turn on your tap.  All our water trucks are food-grade approved and are sanitised on a regular basis to ensure no extra contaminants are added to the purity of your drinking water.  All fire hose couplings which go from our water trucks to your water tank or receptacle are likewise treated to ensure hygiene of all water supply and our friendly service technicians take the utmost care to ensure your water tanks and receptacles are treated with care so we leave your premises in the same condition we found it.

Below we have listed some of the ways Liquid Gold Carriers provides the most choices to you for supply of your drinking water:

1. 24/7 Delivery of water with 2 hour response time for emergencies.

2. Water Delivery amounts of 5000L to 500,000L per day.

3. Friendly, professional  and safety conscious service technicians to ensure your property is treated with respect and remains undamaged .

4. Food-Business License approved hygienic water carrying vehicles (plastic and aluminium tanks) and hoses.

5. Drinking water as clean as the water which comes from your tap.

6. Delivering to municipal, mining, commercial, industrial and domestic premises.

7. All trucks carry 60m of 3 inch diameter lay flat fire hose to reach extended distances.  More hose can be supplied if required.

8. All Liquid Gold Carriers drinking water delivery trucks operate on diesel only to enable water delivery to underground tunnels and other confined spaces where petrol powered vehicles cannot enter due to toxification..

  1. Our Drinking Water delivery vehicles take approximately 10 minutes to fill up at council fire hydrants.
  2. Our drinking water delivery vehicles take approximately 20 minutes to empty into a receptacle.
  3. Our 2 x drinking water delivery vehicles hold 12,000L in volume and we are able to work around the clock for any large scale jobs which require constant water.
Handy  Facts

Please note, although we guarantee our trucks are free from contaminants, please note that in rare cases, the water we collect from the Council Fire Hydrants may not be of a pure quality. 

In such cases, we do not accept liability for damages resulting from us delivering water supplied to us by the Local Council in an impure condition.

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Liquid Gold Carriers bulk potable drinking water for drinking, tanks, swimming pools, construction, spraying or any other application you may require.